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High Waist Baby Carrier

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Do you feel tired of carrying your baby everywhere you go? Let's be real, carrying your baby is a big fat pain in the neck, back, arms and hips. Keep adjusting your baby position while carrying them and shifting them from one side to another are surprisingly tiring and difficult.


The High Waist Baby Carrier is all you need!



  • No more back pain for mom, dad, nanny, grandma or grandpa. When you hold your baby on your hip, you naturally stick your hip out, which puts your spine in a curved position that's bad for your back. With High Waist Baby Carrier, you can comfortably stand straight without straining your back or arms.
  • No more tired arms. Carry your child’s weight on your waist, like a hiking backpack.
  • Comfortable for both you and baby. It makes your baby feel like sitting on sofa. It is convenient and comfortable for you so that you can relief your pressure at the same time your baby angel feels happy.
  • Portable and Convenient. It is very light, foldable and easy to bring anywhere, unlike most baby carriers which are bigger and heavier.



  • Equipped with front and mesh pocket to store your baby needs
  • Adjustable strap
  • Buckle closure
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Load Bearing : 18 kg
  • Suitable Age : 3 months - 3 years