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Ginger Detox Foot Pads (10 Pieces Set)

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Remove Body Toxins, Unhealthy Substances While You Are Sleeping!


Ginger Detox Foot Pads drains unhealthy substances such as heavy metal, toxic, negative ions of your body through your feet, stimulating return circulation of blood and lymph back to the torso.


Blending with ginger root extracts, it reduces swelling and soothes pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. Experience the overnight therapy to unblocks your circulatory and lymphatic systems.

  • Expels¬†excess fluids¬†or¬†toxins¬†
  • Anti-inflammatory¬†to reduces¬†pains¬†&¬†tiredness
  • Decreases removes¬†swollen glands¬†and legs
  • Very effective towards cough, flu and general sickness
  • Improves your¬†metabolism and¬†blood circulation
  • Boosts¬†energy level

  • Contains high quality, pure extract to ignite the removal of toxins.
  • Supports a¬†healthy immune system.
  • Boosts vitality and energy.
  • Promotes¬†healthy¬†circulation.
  • Encourages a¬†positive mental state.
  • Safe, effective, and easy to use. Disposable, no mess!

  • We recommend to use 3-7 Detox Foot Pads per week


  • 10pcs Ginger Detox Foot Pads