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Anti-Mould Tile Grout Coating Marker

Clean and Turn your Dirty Tiles into BRAND NEW again!

✅ Quick and Affordable way to refresh it. You can simply paint over the old grout to make stains disappear!
✅ Suitable for the beautification of the material gaps, renovation for moldy and material gaps falling off.

✅ With the wide application, it can meet the requirements of different ceramic & floors & walls tile crevice repair.
✅ Water-based environmental protection ink is non-toxic and safe.
✅ The acrylic tip is durable and easy to operate.
✅ It is waterproof and moisture-proof with strong coverage.



Question 1: How much area does 1 pen cover?
Answer: It all depends on how many layers you apply, I did 3. I have used 4 pens for my kitchen which is roughly 12 by 18ft. However, results vary as the porosity of grouts can vary greatly. Hope this helps.

Question 2: Can this be used over painted/sealed grout?
Answer: Yes I did that exact thing and it looks great.

Question3: Is this product waterproof or will it wash away if I apply it to the shower floor tiles?
Answer: Yes, it is waterproof


1. 1 x Tile Grout Coating Marker