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World Domination LED Gaming Mouse Pad

Our World Domination LED Mouse Pad is the mat of choice for those wanting a smooth, eye-catching and hardwearing pad for gaming. Available in two sizes and featuring a unique world map print and LED technology that lights up, this pad looks awesome with any PC gaming set-up. Our World Domination mouse pad has an ultra-thick non-slip base and ultra-smooth surface for your mouse to glide on, so it doesn't just look great; it feels great too!

  • 13 attractive color modes.
  • Plug and Play - easy to use.
  • Touch Control - to turn on and switch between colors.
  • Antibacterial and waterproof - it's easy to clean and easy to mop up if you spill something on it!
  • Advanced LED technology lights up the world map beneath the mouse during play. 
  • Ultra-thick non-slip base and ultra-smooth surface - ensuring play isn't interrupted.


  • Regular - 25 x 30cm (9.8 x 11.8in)
  • Extra Large - 40 x 90cm (15.7 x 35.4in)