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After the pandemic, do students and parents more like and appreciate online tuition classes compared with offline tuition classes? Why? Because online tuition classes offer flexibility, fun, comfort, the choice of the best math tutors, and more things to the students. Moreover, it also gives students a platform to join the tuition according to their time and place, and you know that it is not possible when they choose physical location tuition.
Several online tuition classes are running around the world. Here we share the one tuition name for the math program, Cuemath.
Cuemath is the best online tuition for math subjects because it has a large network of math tutors. If you want to know how they teach a student, you can take a Cuemath trial class

How to Take a Cuemath Trial Class

Go to the official website of the Cuemath, and then you can take a free live session for one hour with the math expert. In addition, you only need an ID and contact number, and then you can easily schedule your free trial classes. 

Some Information About the Cuemath Online Tuition Class

1-About Cuemath 

The journey of the Cuemath started on December 22nd, 2013. The headquarters is in Bangalore, India. In addition, the mission is to make children great students and problem-solvers in math subjects. Moreover, the Cuemath is certified by Grant Thornton and awarded by the ETR for producing the best math program in India. 


The Cuemath provides many resources to students in the form of downloadable files. In addition, their math tutor Cuemath gives amazing tips and techniques to solve math problems. After completing every chapter, they provide the test papers, quizzes, question papers, and assignments to the student. 

3- About the Tutor 

Cuemath math tutors are professional and have years of experience. They have a vast network of math tutors, and more than 10,000+ math tutors are connected.

4- About the Live Session

Usually, the class duration is 60 min. The 9 to 12 classes offer three classes per week to the students; otherwise, they only give them two live classes per week.

About the Volume of A Cylinder Formula

Some concepts related to the volume of a cylinder formula are:

  • A three-dimensional object with two parallel bases connected by a curved surface is known as a cylinder. In addition, there are many examples of cylinders, such as candles, gas cylinders, pipes, water tanks, test tubes, batteries, etc. 
  • There are many types of cylinders. The first is the right circular cylinder, the second is the oblique cylinder, the third is the elliptic cylinder, and the last is the right circular hollow cylinder. 
  • The capacity of the cylinder is called the volume of the cylinder. We can measure the volume of the cylinder in the cubic unit, for example, cm3, m2, in3, etc. 
  • After this, let’s see the volume of the cylinder formula.
  • The volume of the cylinder formula (V)= A * h
  • Where A is the area of the base.
  •  The h is the height. 
  • Now, you can apply this formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder. 

Some Other Formulas for Volumes of the Cylinder Are

1-Right circular cylinder-V = πr2h

2-Oblique Cylinder- V = πr2h

3-Elliptic Cylinder-V = πabh

4-Right Circular Hollow Cylinder- V = (R2–r2)h

Example- Find the volume of a right circular cylinder with a radius of 40 cm and a height of 2 meters. 3.142 is the use.

The cylinder’s radius is r = 40 cm.

Its height is h = 2 meters, = 200 cm.

Its volume is, V = r2h.

3.142) (40*40) (200) 

1 005, 440 cm3 is the answer.

If you want to know more about maths concepts in a detailed manner, visit Cuemath to book a free session.

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